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Creating a personal philanthropy strategy is the key to being a thoughtful

giver and catalyst of impact.

Giving back is a universal ability. It can be as easy as the dollars you spend and give, your natural talents, and leveraging the things you already do. It can also help you achieve personal goals, from elevating your happiness and feeling of self-worth, to expanding your networks and gaining and practicing new skills.


Self & Service provides collaborative, dynamic expertise to help meet both of your personal and impact bottom lines. Together, we can help identify your personal impact goals, and match them with individual and group opportunities. 


Expert Guidance

Looking to make a difference as an individual or family, but don't know where to start? Overwhelmed by all the information and limited time? Let us guide you during an introductory conversation.



Achieve your goals

Giving back is personal. Everyone gives for different reasons. With a decade of mission-driven engagement and fundraising experience, self & service has the capabilities and expertise to meet you where you are and shape your unique impact. 


Through our one-on-one planning sessions, self & service will help you identify your personal philanthropy goals, determine your impact pathway based on your capacity and resources, and guide you in evaluating your efforts.



Plan your impact

Self & service's Personal Philanthropy Strategy training can provide you with the clarity, inspiration, and steps to realize your philanthropy goals.


 Don't relegate giving back to the bottom of your do-to list.

 Sign up for our personal philanthropy strategy training today!

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