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Serving others through PURCHASES---during a pandemic!

During our current day circumstances, many companies are showing their true colors. Some are stepping up to contribute to the relief and the effects of this virus (i.e. pivoting to provide PPE or services to those most effected by the virus and subsequent slowed economy), while others are in the spot light for focusing on their financial bottom line (i.e laying off employees, cutting budgets, denying leave while taking home pay checks with lots of zeros.)

Now is a great time to take notice of how your "go-to" companies are behaving---and to use your MONEY POWER to make a STATEMENT and a DIFFERENCE.  Consider these two options before your next purchase:

  • Support local businesses by ordering straight from their website or calling to place an order for pick-up or delivery---then leave a review on yelp and/or social media to encourage others to do the same.

  •  Check out the running on-line lists of companies that are giving back to COVID efforts and relief---ranging from food and clothing to home and personal care:

  • You may also consider contacting your "go-to" retailers and asking them what they are doing to contribute and emphasize how important it is to you that they do.


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