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self and service represents the two sides of life's coin, the "me"  and the "we,"  the two songs on life's soundtrack...and how they intertwine and make a whole.


self and service provides coaching services to families and individuals seeking to make an impact and be of service.


Our passion and unique experience allows for a customized approach by understanding your philanthropic goals and capacities, and matching them with smart and accessible opportunities.

Renee Houle Catanzano


Renee founded self & service to help make philanthropy accessible, and to empower people to make a difference in their chosen causes. Coming from a modest background, she instinctually had the urge to give back to her community. She started her career as a philanthropist at age 10, donating her birthday money to a homeless shelter, which she passed every week on her car ride home from her grandparents’ house.


Throughout her life, Renee has stood at the intersection of personal, corporate, and nonprofit philanthropy. Regardless of age, stage, or job, she has been an enthusiastic advocate and fundraiser for causes that are important to her. Her passion lies in giving back, and she strives to engage others in improving our individual and collective wellbeing. For as long as she can remember, Renee has been a trusted resource for family and friends interested in getting involved. As a professional with strategic fundraising, consulting, management, and volunteer experience, she has a unique perspective on how participating in personal philanthropic activities can make an impact on self and community.

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